Pair Ups: 8 Cool Items To Pair With Your Slim Navy Chinos


Featured Item: Navy Chinos / J. Crew / $75

I can shop at J. Crew and leave with exactly what I wanted: Pants or Chinos. Let's start with the basic before Fall hits. If you can dress navy chinos up and down you're halfway there. But those options can get stale if you wear them with the same chelsea boot and oxford shirt every time. Here’s how you can switch up your style wearing J. Crews Navy Chino in the 484 fit. Also...I hope you all are ready for some GOOD Fall posts. Store edits on the way!





Knit Blazer / Club Monaco / $200 

- this is the perfect color





Hoodie /  Gap / $60 

- perfect for those brisk morning Fall walks.





Sneakers / Nike / $130

- i own these and they are not only comfortable but EXTREMELY bright, you've been warned! Did you see them on this post?





Card Holder / Status Anxiety / $40

-   for $40 this cardholder is def. worth it. The color is the perfect contrast in the back of a pair ofnavy chinos





Sneaker / New Balance / $72

-its hard to find a pair of new balance under $100 these days..found these red pair on amazon.












Dress Shoes / Crosby Square / $265 

-cuff your chinos just above the ankle to show off these sexy dub monks





Glasses / Ray Ban / $150

-traditional eyewear



Sweat Shirt / JackThreads / $30  

- a little edge to the navy chino




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