Try This: Men’s Jinbei + Nike Air Max 90 Ultras

I got out of wearing something formal today because I decided my suit was going to be a jinbei for the first day of #NYFWM. Yep, I was as chill and cool as I look here.

I knew that id be taking a risk by wearing the navy kimono set with a pair of Air Max 90's, but it turned out to be one of my favorite looks. I purchased my jinbei set from (but sold out other options below). If you live in NYC you can always shop around in Chinatown or any asian inspired shops. I love these sneakers and can see myself wearing them a lot, maybe with black ripped jeans (only $36) the next time. Im not expecting everyone to pick up a kimono and rock the hell out of it. I am expecting you guys to step a little out of your comfort zone if you've been wanting to experiment with your style or try something you think you look 'stupid' in, now is the time! In a world full of rules one thing is for sure..theres no  rules to style! Let me know what you guys thinks. 








Glasses: Eye Buy Direct

Jinbei: Amazon here, here and here (similar styles to try)

Sneakers: Nike Air Max 90



FullSizeRender 22

FullSizeRender 25



 Found more Jinbei's on Amazon. I would also wear those black ripped jeans with these neon air max sneakers so Ive included them below. 



 Found a cool spot to take these photos outside of Capsule Show (menswear tradeshow).

FullSizeRender 11

FullSizeRender 18






Keep cool in breathable fabrics. This jinbei also has a slit under the arms, not sure what its function is but for me it helps to reduce the sweat under my arm.






Be confident in what you wear. Those are the ONLY rules...

FullSizeRender 21


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  • Christopher Cole

    The kimono is elegant while the sneakers ground the kimono in a sporty, street style. I like that you wore the kimono as a short suit.