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Sleep, Dream, Create...

Through the years Ive noticed that theres ONE subject I cant get away from chatting with my peers about. Getting enough rest AND not getting enough rest. Thats exactly why I am introducing you all to Helix, the perfect mattress that you customizes to fit your sleep standard. I often see quotes on Instagram suggesting that if you want to be successful you should work hard until you get to that point. Im not sure when it was cool to not sleep until you've reached your goals, tasks or even work load but its one horrible mistake we are making. I left for vacation last week - 5 days in Hawaii. I had a great time but to be honest I missed my bed (we all get that way at some point on vacation).

Fortunately I value every single second of sleep and want to share how my sleep patterns have become much better since receiving a new mattress from Helix. A company that offers personalized custom mattress. You determine much more then the firmness of a mattress. When heading to the site you see several options which make up the BEST SLEEP POSSIBLE. While I consider buying a mattress big buy I do believe in cutting out all unnecessary/hidden costs. I think its awesome that Helix can sell their product at such an affordable price with so much customization and quality.


Plush - Firm


Light - Strong

Temperature Regulation

Mild - Cool

Point Elasticity

Low - High

My last point. While purchasing a mattress, fresh new sheets, even humidifier may help you get better sleep theres nothing worse than not getting any sleep at all. Make sure your'e getting the proper amount of sleep for a productive day. Visit Helix for the best sleep FOR YOU!



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