Honolulu, Hawaii with Delta

Where would you go if had to pack your bags up and leave right now?

Ive partnered with Delta to take one final end-of- season trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. I captured the best waves, food and scenes during my 5-day

visit, but before landing on the island, my relaxation started on the plane. Delta's new

Free In-Flight Entertainment had me instantly escape New York, allowing me to

appreciate all the good shows I usually binge watch at home (I watched a lot of Big

Bang Theory).

Experience - Delta's Free In-flight Entertainment

Imagine an action packed experience even before you get to your destination. Delta

offers complimentary In-Flight Entertainment, and it’s all free. Delta Air Lines has

made relaxation a priority by loading the Delta Studio with all the latest movies,

games, podcasts and even live concerts, all accessible on the head-rest screens or

via the GoGo Entertainment app (available on smartphones, tablets, or laptops). I

took advantage of the Wifi once we were in the air, but I really wanted to focus on

more of the fun stuff and not work so I only answered a couple of important emails

on the flight. It's great to know that you can keep up with your personal and work-

related email on a long flight like this one. 

Head to Hawaii the Delta way for the best In-Flight Experience!

Stay In The Mountains

After traveling all day I still had enough energy to explore. I stayed in Nu‘uanu Pali, a

beautiful valley in Honolulu. Below you can see what the landscape looked like after

a 2-hour storm. The mountains were stunning and the air was so fresh. Take a look

at the photos below for yourself.

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Thanks to Delta for showing me the good life and keeping me entertained..4000 miles away! 


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