Holiday Travel Essentials + IW Harper Vintage Whiskey Posters!

Let's not forget one of the favorite parts about the holidays, being around people that matter the most and creating more memories! My friends at IW Harper gave me the perfect gift to share with everyone this season. Be the family member that everyone looks forward to seeing this holiday, all you need is a good whiskey believe it or not. Ive shown up to holidays parties in the past before with a great whiskey and made several friends - thanks to that! When you're packing it up for the holidays remember to pick up something everyone will thank you for. Take a look at some of my Holiday travel essentials below and enjoy some good whiskey! I also found some reallllly cool vintage IW Harper posters ranging from the 40's - 80's. I'm sure whiskey connoisseur's will enjoy this one. Also the fedora you see in the photos is special collab with IW Harper x Goorins Bros. The whiskey colored hat band makes this a one of a kind collectors item. Happy Holidays!