Why Floating Shelves Work For Any Room + Ideas


Want a little extra space in your apartment? Or maybe wanting to show something off? Take a look at some of these cool floating shelves below. I realized I could use floating shevles for just about anything when I recently moved into my new place. Book storage, appliances, artwork, it could even be used for a whole desk for a rad office space. 

Ive searched the web and noted the best and affordable floating shelves for your wall. The photos are for inspiration but think beyond them, you can really put anything on these shelves. I think I may create a denim storage using black shelves, or just a spot for my laptop/ipad.

Use a floating shelf for wardrobe storage/display. Use sweaters and textured clothing, stack them neatly against the wall to create a warm cozy space. Switch it out for white or black linen or tanks for the warmer season. 








floating shelves in your room interiors men 2017


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  • I’ve been looking at floating shelves for my bathroom since I moved in but haven’t pulled the trigger. I’m re-inspired. Love this.

    • Living in New York – every move has to be strategic..these are some of my biggest space savers 🙂 Thanks for reading.

    • Oh snap! People do read my home posts haha. Im glad you can find some inspo here. Living in a box in NYC makes living and decor VERY STRATEGIC. Thanks for reading.