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Edge Cleansing Shave Gel:

What's one of the key features you look for in your grooming products? You want it to CLEAN, right? Edge Shave Gel just launched it's new Edge Shave Gel which promises to do just that. Having a product double as a cleanser and shave gel is perfect for my skin. Which is already prone to acne and irriation. Date night coming up? Make sure to keep it clean whether you have a beard or not.

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Rob of @GentsAmongMen x Brittany of @brit_stylegf x Diego of @DandyInTheBronx

 Speaking of date night, Edge Shave Gel invited me to help celebrate the new variant launch. We met up for bowling, food, and drinks at Bowlmor Lanes in Times Square. Dating expert John Keegan also stopped by to share some of his advice and tips.

Here are 2 tips that I found the most helpful:

  1. "When approaching a woman, keep your body language facing outwards, not boxed-in. Guys, one way you can put your best face forward is a close shave and less irritation using Edge Cleansing Shave Gel."
  2. "One of the biggest challenges is getting out of your own way. We lose confidence or overanalyze, and don’t hang on to that spark that attracts people to us in the first place. Making sure you have a great shave is one way to give you the confidence to feel your best – using Edge Cleansing, which lifts away dirt and oil, is one of my favorite ways to prep for a date."

Can you guess who the bowling champ of the night was? Take a look at the silly and serious photos below Keep your grooming A+ fellas, and pick up your own Edge Shaving Cleansing Shaving Gel.

A very special thanks to Edge for partnering with me on this post andddd a very good bowl session! IMG_4337

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Rob of @GentsAmongMen x Diego of @DandyInTheBronx FullSizeRender 16

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Diego of @DandyInTheBronx
FullSizeRender 18Rob of @GentsAmongMen
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Dating Expert: John KeeganFullSizeRender 28

Rob of @GentsAmongMen


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Edge® Shave Gel, but all opinions are my own.


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