About: My name is Jamal and I live in New York city, I am fascinated by style but not conformed. Intrigued by Menswear. Menswear meaning quality, personal style and distinction. 90% of my posts will contain fresh photos from my camera. If not I will state the source in my post, this way you will truly see inspiration through my eyes. On this blog I cover all aspects of art and what it means to me. Art represents countless topics as my posts will too. 

“A master of street style, Jamal Jackson is the embodiment of New York cool. His blog,Style Society Guy, features how-to guides, detailed outfit breakdowns and curated shopping lists.

Jackson offers not only a look not into his wardrobe, but his travels, parties and playlists too. He also frequently runs giveaways for his readers.” –FashionBeans.com



When do you post? What do you post?

Take a look at this seasons schedule and examples below.

Monday- My Style

Tuesday-  Travel

Wednesday- Get The Look or Grooming

Thursday- Guide

Friday- Giveaway 

Saturday- Living

Sunday- Food 

* This schedule is subject to change.

Living in a Style Society and documenting it all… -Jamal Catch up with me here: Sign Up! / Instagram / Twitter / Tumblr / Facebook / Pinterest

  • Akshat

    I am about to publish my first blog. Please help me how I should promote my blog once I publish it.

    What are the strategies I should use?

    P.S Nice work. :))

    Thanks in advance.

  • I love your blog! Keep the posts coming!

  • I just love the blog Jamal! Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Jamal! Thanks for the follow! Love your sense of style. Can’t wait to see more from your blog! PS. Do you have any tips for a new blogger, such as myself? Thank you again!

    • Hey there Richard!

      Thanks I really appreciate the kind words. I think the first 3 tips I would give is to:
      -Find out what readers really want to know (this is by trial and error so you have to wait until you have enough posts to compare)
      – Be consistent! If you start posting once a week keep it like that.
      -Find your voice (be as natural as possible

      Hope this helps a little! Feel free to email me and good luck on your journey

  • hey thanks alot Jamal for stopping by & for the follow. You got a great blog man!

  • mario

    and that makes it twist like that? and great job on the blog my friend the outfits are amazing!

    • Thanks! Instead of washing it everyday i wash it about twice a week, it curls up and I just style it with my hands from there. Are you trying to obtain a similar style? Feel free to email me. Thanks for kind words

  • mario

    how do you style your hair

  • While looking for advice on where a blazer or suit jacket should hit you (length) I stumbled upon your Blog. I have to admit very cool and I ended up staying for a while…you share great advice. Thanks and I will be by again!

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog! Really enjoyed having a read through your posts! Great style and advice 🙂